Who are we?

  • Stark Service Inc. is a family owned and operated transportation and Ready-Mix concrete provider.

How long have we been in business?

  • Stark Service Inc. has been in business since 1986.

What products and services does Stark Services offer?

  • PiggyBack® forklift system in conjunction with our flatbed trucks deliver a variety of products such as construction materials and agricultural commodities; this system increases delivery options on site because of its ability to provide precision load placement wherever you need it.
  • Ready-Mix concrete supplier providing bulk cement hauling for residential, commercial, industrial, and agriculture.

Why choose Stark Services?

  • Stark Service Inc. is a family owned business built on a foundation of honest service and begins by fostering a relationship with its customers.

What industries use our services?

  • Trucking, masonry, landscape, agricultural, and ice/snow removal are the primary industries served.

What region do we cover?

  • Stark Service Inc. trucking services cover Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin..
  • Stark Service Inc. Ready-Mix, Concrete covers a one hour radius from Marengo, IL.


Are there different types of concrete?

  • Depending on the project, there are different PSI ratios of aggregate, sand, and cement along with possible additives to enhance strength.

What questions should I ask when ordering a concrete delivery?

  • What is the PSI mixing ratio? Using the correct ratio of aggregate, sand, and cement is crucial to provide a strong mixture based on the job purpose.
  • What are the air-entrainment requirements? Air-entrained concrete is created by filling the cement with billions of microscopic air cells and can vary based on required conditions.
  • What is the desired slump? Slump is the standard water to cement ratio in order for the concrete to be transported and placed at the jobsite without losing composition.
  • Do I require fiber mesh? Fiber mesh is made up from synthetic fibers which are added to the cement during mixing; the fibers aid the cement during the curing process to prevent cracking.
  • How will the site location affect my concrete delivery? Having a plan how the truck will access the job site is important; know what obstacles may impede delivery.
  • What types of reinforcement will I require for my project? Adding reinforcement such steel rebar will increase the resistance to compression by strengthening the concrete. 

How should I prepare for a concrete delivery?

  • Being organized with adequate space for the mixer truck to access the job site and having the equipment ready for use to work with the concrete.

What about performance requirements?

  • Stark Service Inc. works with a certified testing lab to ensure quality.

How much lead time do you need for ordering?

  • While same day may be possible, it is preferred to order 24 hours in advance.

Why is using a local supplier better?

  • Our local dispatcher has better knowledge of the geographic area and no guessing which plant produced your concrete material.

What if you can’t get the truck close to the job site?

  • Stark Service Inc. can refer you to concrete conveyor/pump service providers.


What is your licensing and insurance?

  • Stark Service Inc.’s coverage goes above and beyond what is regulated by law.

How are your drivers certified and trained?

  • All of our drivers are given rigorous on the job training and possess a Class A CDL (commercial driver’s license) required for vehicles in excess of 26,001 pounds.

What services do you supply?

  • Flatbed trucks, forklift delivery, bulk cement, hopper bottom, dump, and Ready-Mix.

What is the load size of your trucks?

  • Stark Service Inc.’s flatbed trucks are 45’ x 86’ and our mixers haul 7 to 9 yard loads.

What is the maximum amount of loads I can ask for?

  • Stark Service Inc. can accommodate your ordering needs, please call and ask.